Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is a software development approach that offers a useful and powerful set of tools to help create a well designed and business aligned software in a more maintainable way. Domain-Driven Design has been around for nearly two decades now. The concept was first introduced to the software world in the book named “Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software” (a.k.a. The Big Blue Book) which is written by Eric Evans. He published his book -after 5 years of work- in 2003. In his book, Eric Evans put together all his answers to the common problems…

What is SAGA Pattern?

SAGA pattern has been around for over 30 years and is widely used for distributed transaction management. it’s simply one of the ways to maintain data consistency for distributed systems. When you are working with micro services based architectures, data consistency easily becomes a headache for developers. Since each service can have its own database and be in a different environment, it’s no longer possible to take advantage of the ACID transactions. Saga simply sacrifices atomicity and relies on eventual consistency.

When to use it?

When atomicity is not a necessity. In distributed systems, like micro…

In Agile story sizing, there are some basic concepts and useful practices that apply for every development team no matter what kind of project they work on, how many members their teams have and the experience they have. The intent of this guide is to clarify some important aspects of Agile story sizing as well as providing some useful practices that are based on real-world experiences.

Size vs. Time, Size is simply the “bigness” of a job which doesn’t represent any time value. Consider that the given job is travelling to Ankara from Istanbul. There are a lot of different…

Osman Başkök

Software Engineer over 15 years, interested in architecture and design, interested in Agile methodologies and practices

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